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About Us

A Strategic Team of Players

  • Eversan is committed to bringing the latest in technology, using state of the art equipment and innovative engineering. By manufacturing scoreboards in the USA, we control the quality and consistency that provides a durable scoreboard.
  • Technology that has been developed by Eversan using the latest cutting edge technology in all our scoreboards. Writing, line by line, our own proprietary code that controls our scoreboards gives us a unique advantage over our competitors. From portables to our advanced High Definition video scoreboard displays, Eversan is giving you tomorrow’s technology today.
  • Eversan has been manufacturing scoreboards for over 35 years. Our scoreboards have been used for everything from little league fields, to hockey rinks, to soccer fields, to high school and college football stadiums.
  • Eversan is not a big conglomerate but a family owned business that prides itself on personal customer service. We understand that it’s not just a score; it’s a snap shot in time, and it is these moments that will be remembered forever.
  • For the last 35 years we have dedicated ourselves to creating innovative technology to meet and exceed the high demands of athletic programs.
  • Our unique manufacturing experience and commitment towards scoreboard technogy makes Eversan an innovative leader in the scoreboard industry.

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