Eversan LED Scoreboards, Video displays for Football, Basesball, Basketball, Soccer, Hockey, Track, Wrestling, Lacrosse, Timers & Message Signs.
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Video Display

Hi-Definition Live Video
Ultra-bright LEDs, with extra-wide viewing angle,
provide exceptional quality and crystal-clear
imaging for any event.

Energize Your Fans
Create high-energy sporting events by involving your fans in a live full color LED video display. Replay heart pounding pivotal moments and missed action within seconds. Let fans relive the excitement of the game!

Modular Design
Every scoreboard is custom designed with specific pixel size and spacing for quality viewing.

Wireless Technology

Eversan, Inc. products can be operated with 2.4 Ghz spread spectrum technology. This system offers frequency hopping data transfer without interference from other wireless devices. No channel setting is necessary; in the same coverage area the fully automated dynamic networking scheme allows multiple scoreboards to operate from one control console or multiple scoreboards to operate from multiple control consoles. The wireless system eliminates cable clutter and reduces the installation cost and set up time. Long distance communication capabilities means data can be transmitted over a mile with elective antennas.

Why Buy Eversan?

Cutting Edge Technology
Eversan is committed to bringing the latest
in technology, using state of the art
equipment and innovative engineering.

Strong, yet lightweight .063 to .080 aluminum
casework with durable powder coat to
withstand all weather conditions.

Permanently mounted products are covered
under warranty for 5 years. Portable products
are covered under warranty for 1 year.

Customer Service
Eversan is not a big conglomerate but a family
owned business that prides itself on personal
customer service.

For over 35 years, Eversan has been dedicated
to creating innovative technology in order to
meet and exceed the ever changing demands
of athletic programs.