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Eversan, Inc. combines technology with innovation, creating advanced technology and durable
products designed to exceed the high demands of athletic programs. Existing products are
continually updated and new products are designed to incorporate state of the art
advanced technology, quality, affordability, and user friendly operations.


All Eversan, Inc. scoreboards are manufactured using durable, yet lightweight .063 to .080 aluminum casework with baked on enamel finish or durable powder coat to withstand all weather conditions.


For indoors or outdoors, Light Emitting Diodes (LED) instead of light bulbs ensure years of maintenance free, energy efficient operation. The LED is rated for 100,000 hrs lifetime.

Dynamic Wireless Option

Eversan, Inc. products can be operated with 2.4 Ghz spread spectrum technology. This system offers frequency hopping data transfer without interference from other wireless devices. No channel setting is necessary; in the same coverage area the fully automated dynamic networking scheme allows multiple scoreboards to operate from one control console or multiple scoreboards to operate from multiple control consoles. The wireless system eliminates cable clutter and reduces the installation cost and set up time. Long distance communication capabilities means data can be transmitted over a mile with elective antennas.


All Eversan, Inc. products are covered under warranty for up to 5 years. Warranty includes cost of labor and parts when returned prepaid to Eversan, Inc.
Permanent Indoor/Outdoor LED scoreboards - 5 years
Portable Indoor/Outdoor scoreboards - 1 year

Eversan, Inc. will not pay for repairs made by anyone other than authorized factory personnel. Lamps, push buttons, switches, connectors and cables are not covered under warranty.


All scoreboards are shipped pre-wired, ready to mount, connect to power and run. Shipping prices include boxing, handling and prepaid FOB Whitesboro, NY, USA. Approximate shipping prices are shown on price list. If a shipping price is not listed, a shipping quote must be obtained. Shipping is subject to change without notice.


Eversan has been manufacturing scoreboards for over 35 years. Our scoreboards have been used for everything from little league fields, to hockey rinks, to soccer fields, to high school and college football stadiums. Our experience with them allows us to address the problems in the manufacturing process that face our customers.

Customer Service

Eversan is not a big conglomerate but a family owned business that prides itself on personal customer service. We are committed to giving the best customer service in the industry.


Depending on the specific scoreboard, cable is single twisted pair shielded, 2 conductor shielded cable or 15 conductor 22AWG. Cable is pre-wired at the factory at no extra charge, when purchasing an Eversan, Inc. scoreboard. If a junction box is included in the scoreboard description, two cable lengths must be specified. Cable A - distance from the scoreboard to the wall junction box and Cable B - distance from the junction box to the control console.

Limited Maintenance

Scoreboard maintenance is minimal because of the design and unique manufacturing coating process that every Eversan scoreboard goes through.

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