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Eversan video displays,

with superior technology

and color depth, create

realistic visuals that

ensure your fans an

experience with their

favorite players.

They won’t want to miss

a single detail of action.

Large Format LED Video Displays

High-Definition Live Video
Ultra-bright LEDs, with extra-wide viewing angle, provide
exceptional quality and crystal clear imaging for any event.

Energize Your Fans
Create high energy sporting events by involving your fans in a live full color LED video display. Replay heart pounding pivotal moments and missed action within seconds – letting fans relive the excitement of the game!

Sponsors and Vendors
A streamlined video feed enables easy communication with exciting promotions, merchandise and concessions sales. Just what you need to pay for your investment.

Displays are ready for portable use or permanent installation in a fully modularized system with solid-state electronics.

Pixel size is based on the square mm that form a single pixel.
The lower the mm size the higher the quality and detail.

Video Display
Click on the link below to see a clip of the video display in action.
This clip was taken at a distance of 25 feet from the display.

The videos are Quicktime files. If the videos do not display,
Here is a link for a FREE Download of Quicktime

Promo Video